Saturday, October 1, 2011

Can I really give away this little gem?

(from Emma Levy)

Plonk Cake - easy to make, and always impresses!

5 eggs
2 cups sugar
2 cups self-raising flour
50g melted butter
2 teaspoons baking powder
140g sliced tinned/fresh fruit or mixed berries

Mix in the above order (except the fruit/berries).
Pour into a greased tin.
Place drained and sliced fruit/berries on top of the mixture.
Bake at just over 200C for 30 mins (check till done).
When cold, sprinkle with icing sugar.

My mum was known as being a great cook and baker – my friends loved to come to our house because they knew the cake tins were always full of goodies!  At her funeral in 2004, people came up to me and talked about how they remembered coming over and eating cake and biscuits after school – what a great legacy!!  I’m not sure if she just loved to bake or thought it might help my social life!

This was one of the cakes she often made if we were having people over – Mum called it “Plonk Cake”, because you just plonk everything in the bowl, plonk the mixture into the cake tin, then plonk fruit or berries on the top. 

I have made it many times since and the greedy side of me really wants to keep it as a secret, as it’s such a gem of a cake – it takes a few minutes to make and everyone always comments on it.  But in the spirit of sharing of precious recipes and precious people on this blog, here it is.  Just don’t make it if you know I’m coming to the same gathering – it was MINE FIRST!

Thanks Mum for the memories and for greatly furthering my social standing as a child.


  1. ohhh the legacy!!! I am proud, that by association (and marriage) I am a part of the plonk history xx

  2. And we're thrilled to have you Ruth! I think that we all co-own the great plonk!

  3. Lovely memory! Plonk .... I thought it might have alcohol in it!

  4. Yes I can see how you would've thought that! Some of Carole's will be up soon Mark, so keep checking the blog - you can "Like" the FB page so you know when a new story is on, or join the blog itself.

  5. I remember your Mum's baking fondly too, and I remember that there were always not one but two tins of baking there every time I came round - there was a choice!!

    I also remember that your family introduced me to the concept of a bowl of cake with fresh milk poured over it!!!