Sunday, October 2, 2011

We've been mentioned!

Pass It On is very proud to have been mentioned as a "New NZ blog" that caught the eye of NZ food blogger, Bron Marshall, whose delightful looking blog includes an article entitled "Would you like pencil sharpenings in your salad?".  Hmmmm we really might have to check out this recipe!

See Bron's blog (and our mention at the TOP of her page!) at:


  1. Ciao Johanna, thank you for letting me know, I did the 'like' on FB and added myself to the list of followers. Would you like me to put you on my Kiwi blogroll too? But in exchange you have to visit and leave comments sometimes, otherwise is not blogging ;-D!!!hahaha!


  2. Hi Alessandra - oh please do! Thank you! We've been thinking about setting a blogroll up on this page too. I'm just getting back into blogging again after a long break - the vast majority of my online activity has been on Facebook recently ...!

  3. Chuckle! Love ALL your work Johanna! xox