Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Granny Rosie and the Wonderful Baked Cheesecake

(from Sue Berman)
My granny Rosie used to make a wonderful baked cheese cake. On numerous occasions my mother asked her for the recipe but she would never give it up, always preferring to just ‘make it’, it never got written down before she passed on.  I can remember the cheese cake (as well as tongue sandwiches, trifle, pickled fish and pickled cucumbers!) even though we left South Africa and Granny Rosie’s baking treats when I was only nine years old.

Many many years later in Wellington, New Zealand, I was lucky enough to be at an occasion which had me at Dani Levy’s lunch table. Dessert included the most superb baked cheese cake – it took me back to the cheesecake my Granny used to make – except that Dani had created a beautiful boysenberry coulis which was poured over the top - divine.

I asked Dani if I could possibly have the recipe and she very kindly typed it up for me adding a hand note on the biscuit quantity.  As per Dani’s note at the bottom I often do ‘play around with the ingredients’.  No matter what combinations of cheeses I use or number of eggs it is always a success and loved by everyone. I really treasure this recipe for all the special connections it has.


  1. Wow, what a treasure ... And I wonder what became of that recipe book of 100 cheesecakes she mentions at the bottom?!

  2. I have the book! Funnily enough I took it off mum's recipe shelf when I was in Wellington last summer, staying at my step-father's house. I did ask first! (I think!). I may need to do a Julia and Julia and make one each day for 100 days.... one each week for 100 weeks may be ever so slightly better for my waistline!

  3. lol - one each week sounds very sensible. Nearly two years' worth of cheesecakes, mmmmm.