Sunday, October 30, 2011

Aunty Nina’s Green Pie

Nina was determined that nothing should ever be wasted, and so recipes that used leftovers were vital to her repertoire. Yesterday's cold rice, for example, became today's Green Pie.

It was one of those odd, gimmicky recipes that I recall 70s and 80s home cooks being fond of ... Nina used to chuckle over the way it was an inside-out pie - with the protein in the crust and the carbs in the filling.

(Around this time I also remember Nina, my mother, and their friends discovering self-crusting quiche - great excitement!)

a couple of cups or so of cold rice
green veges including a decent handful of spring onion
grated cheese

Mix salt into the mince.
Press the mince around the edges of a casserole dish, so it lines it like a pie crust.
Blanche green veges - except for spring onions.
Drain green veges and chop into pieces.
Finely chop spring onions.
Mix all green veges into rice. Add salt too, if necessary.
Fill the raw mince crust with the rice/vege mix.
Grate cheese on top.
Bake in oven until meat crust is cooked through. 

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